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This is the distant view from my studio window and what my eye sees when I am at the wheel.   It is always quiet here and this is where I work. The view and the work change with the season.

              Candace Young


Patio Lantern on our dock by the Bay River (Click on image to enlarge)
Patio Lantern by the Water Garden (Click on image to enlarge)

Pierced Gallery

Fall is for piercing,  as the days get shorter, light becomes more interesting, illumination and reflection of more importance. 


See One Lighted

Turquoise and Blue Flower Arranger with Glads  1991 (Click on image to enlarge)

Flower Arranger

Flower arrangers are Winter pots because I am consumed with what will be blooming in the garden and how I can best arrange them. 
Horsehair Pottery (Click on image to enlarge)


Horsehair pots are best made in winter when I can polish them in the long evenings and look forward to their heat as I coax the pot to accept the hair.
Ash Glazed Bowl (Click on image to enlarge)

Ash Glaze

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 Spring brings bags of wood ash from friends and the ash glazes call me to play.  These glazes are alive and bursting with movement.  They don't just color a pot, they dance over the surface. 
Sea Urchin design Vase (Click on image to enlarge)


Using a sea urchin shell as a texture tool, I approximated a Sea Urchin.  Now as I gaze at my cacti  garden baking in the hot  summer these urchins are evolving into land urchins. More.... A Lighted Shadow Lamp (Click on image to enlarge)


A Shadow Lamp, lit by a candle placed in this two piece, pierced box, will cast reflections of the cut out design on the walls and ceiling of a darkened room.
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